Hjálmar Kakali
Creative visual—
and digital
product designer

UI/UX, Branding, Concept
Kitchen branding

For Kitchen, a small independent kitchen, my design approach centered on minimalist branding. I created a single 3D art element, a unique utensil, to represent the brand's personality. The website design prioritized seamless navigation, easy menu access, and online reservation, enhancing the user experience for a restaurant's core functionalities.  

Role: Designer, 3D artist, Art director
Year: 2023

UI/UX, Branding, Concept
Music application

A concept for a music platform that sought to improve user engagement and retention. Quick comparative research identified a common ask for the ability to create playlist folders and the option to personalize them. The UI design incorporated intuitive interactions offering a seamless playlist management function. The hope was to make the music application more user-centric and appealing, fostering a lasting connection with its audience.

Role: Designer, Art director
Year: 2022

UI/UX, Branding, Concept
Shop on Fire

A concept for an antique web store. The intention was to create an engaging shopping experience by curating a vibrant and interactive website. The challenge was to frame the perceived dullness and complexity of the objects in a colorful journey, infusing the world of antiques with excitement and curiosity.

Role: UI/UX Designer, Art director
Year: 2021

Hjálmar Kakali